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These limited time specials combine incredible products with an attractive price. All offers shown on this page are for new customers. If you're already a Packerland Broadband customer, please click here to visit our Current Customer Offers page.

TiVo, 50 Mbps, and HD Offer

HD TV including TiVo® and 20 Mbps Internet including Tech Home

Get fast and secure 20 Mbps Internet AND the premier TV entertainment experience in HD for up to three rooms! Nearly 100 TV channels are included. You can have both of these great service packs for only $64.99 each per month for 12 months!

100 Mbps Internet Laptop

100 Mbps ExtremeConnect Internet

The fastest Internet you can get! Only $59.95/mo for 6 months!

Additional Offers

Looking for more great deals? Check out these amazing offers!

50 Mbps ExtremeConnect Internet

50 Mbps ExtremeConnect Internet
Get 50 Mbps ExtremeConnect Internet with WiFi included - only $54.95/mo for 12 months!

10 Mbps and Expanded Cable TV

10 Mbps Internet and Expanded Cable TV
Watch sports, comedies, dramas and more! 10 Mbps Internet is also included, all for only $104.95/mo for 12 months!

Young man talking on phone

Phone Service
Only $24.95/mo when bundled!

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